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Prevalence of Skin Infections and Regular Personal Hygiene Practices in Ashram School Students: A Cross-Sectional Study,2018;9(4):274-277

Author:Sumit Wasnik, Violet Pinto, Sumedha Joshi

Keywords:Skin infection, regular personal hygiene, ashram school, students

Type:Original Article

Knowledge and Attitude about Organ Donation and Transplantation among Students of a Medical College in Kalaburagi,2018;9(4):278-282

Author:Nimra Shireen, Mohammad Waseem Ansari, Amruta S Indupalli, Shibi Selladurai, Shri Srinivas Reddy

Keywords:Organ donation, Organ transplantation, Knowledge, Attitude, Medical students

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Risk Factors and Prevalence of Depression among Elderly Subjects in a Rural Community,2018;9(4):283-287

Author:Anshuman Sharma, Sanjeeev Kumar Gupta, Agrawal S Sanjay, Gupta Sanjay, Sarouthia Shalini

Keywords:Depression, Elderly, Rural, Aging, Mental health, India

Type:Original Article

Neglected Domestic Chore of Women and Its Health Impacts: An Exploratory Qualitative Study from Rural Maharashtra,2018;9(4):288-293

Author:Abhijeet V Jadhav

Keywords:Musculo-skeletal disorders, Women’s health, Domestic work, Rural health care

Type:Original Article

Technology Addiction and Associated Health Problems among Medical Students in Kalaburagi District,2018;9(4):294-299

Author:Basavakumar S Anandi, Ajaykumar Gududur

Keywords:Technology, addiction, dependency, gadgets, youth

Type:Original Article

Disability with Rehabilitation Characteristics as Predictors of School Achievement: Parental Education as a Mediator. A Follow-Up Study in Students with Intellectual Disability in Ujjain and Shajapur Districts of Madhya Pradesh, India,2018;9(4):300-306

Author:Harshal Gupta, Satish Saroshe, Yogesh Sabde

Keywords:Intellectual disability, Mental retardation, Special education, Parental education, Rehabilitation

Type:Original Article

Immunization Coverage among Children Aged 12-23 Months in Surajgarha Block, Lakhisarai District, Bihar: A Cluster Sampling Survey,2018;9(4):307-311

Author:Arvind Kumar, Kuryan George, Anuradha Bose

Keywords:Immunization Coverage, WHO Cluster sampling, Gap in Immunization Coverage

Type:Original Article