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Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Internet Addiction in College Going Students in Nanded city,2017;8(5):213-218

Author:Kishor Surwase, Prashant Bagdey, Hemant Adikane

Keywords:College students, Internet addiction, Internet use patterns, prevalence, YIAT, GHQ

Type:Original Article

A Cross Sectional Study of Behavioral Risk Factors of Coronary Heart Disease among the Rural Population of Karnataka, South India,2017;8(5):219-224

Author:Roopa R Mendagudli, Kirankumar D Akka, Ashok S Dorle, Shantkumar R Nigudgi

Keywords:Coronary Heart Disease; Risk factors; Behavior; Hypertension; Obesity

Type:Original Article

The Silent Burden of Anemia among the Rural Adolescent Girls: A Community Based Study in Maharashtra,2017;8(5):225-229

Author:Jyoti D Bhise, Deepali Deo

Keywords:Adolescent, Anemia, Rural

Type:Original Article

Epidemiology of General Obesity and Abdominal Obesity among People in Hilly Areas of North India: A Hospital Based Study,2017;8(5):230-235

Author:Arti Gupta, Venkatashiva Reddy B, Vandhana Semwal, Amit Kumar Singh

Keywords:Abdominal obesity, generalized obesity, India, Body Mass Index

Type:Original Article

Study to Assess Knowledge and Attitude towards Organ Donation among Interns and Post Graduates of a Medical College in Karnataka, India,2017;8(5):236-240

Author:Geeta V Bathija, Ananthesh B G, Dattatraya D Bant

Keywords:Organ donation, Postgraduates, Interns, Knowledge, attitude

Type:Original Article

A Cross-Sectional Study on Various Determinants of Tobacco Consumption among Undergraduate Students in Rajkot and Morbi Districts, Gujarat, India, 2016,2017;8(5):241-245

Author:Zalak R Matariya, Vaidehi S Gohil, Umed V Patel, Rajan H Upadhyay

Keywords:Tobacco consumption, Prevalence, Determinants, Undergraduate students

Type:Original Article

Respiratory Morbidity and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate among Rice Mill Workers in a Rural Area of South India,2017;8(5):246-249

Author:Poonam R Naik, Abhay S Nirgude, Peddi Megana

Keywords:Respiratory morbidity, peak expiratory flow rate, rice mill workers, rural area

Type:Original Article