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Perspectives of Road Traffic Injuries: An Additional Task in the List of Non-Communicable Diseases from the Tertiary Centre Hospital of North India,2017;8(5):250-256

Author:Mehar Bano, Sadhana Awasthi, Anupama Arya, CMS Rawat

Keywords:Road traffic accidents, epidemiology, injury, Non communicable disease

Type:Original Article

Association between Maternal Age at Childbirth and Infant Health Outcome in a Prospective Birth Cohort from a Small Town Hospitals of Southern Gujarat,2017;8(5):257-261

Author:Nitin Solanki, Rakesh Shah, Abhay Kavishwar, Vipul Chaudhari

Keywords:Maternal age, Teenage pregnancy, Infant health, Socio-economic status

Type:Original Article

Prevalence and Correlates of Unrecognised Depression Associated with Common Skin Morbidities among Attendees in a Teaching Hospital Dermatology Outpatient’s Department,2017;8(5):262-267

Author:Dharmvir R Bharati, Seema Kumari, Sanjay Kumar, Kranti C Jaykar, Krishna Kumar Singh, Ranbir Pal

Keywords:depression, skin disease, risk factors

Type:Original Article

Assessment of the Level of Satisfaction Related To Quality of Health Care at Public Health Facilities in Satara District Maharashtra,2017;8(5):268-271

Author:Rajesh A Gaikwad, Supriya S Patil, Satish R Patil, Prakah M Durgawale

Keywords:satisfaction, funded, non funded, IPHS, quality, health care

Type:Original Article

Sex Ratio at Birth and its Determinants: A Cross Sectional Hospital Based Study,2017;8(5):272-276

Author:Purnima Upreti, Rajesh Kumar Singh

Keywords:sex ratio, sex ratio at birth, birth order

Type:Original Article

Relationship between Various Components of Maternal Health Care Services with Maternal Mortality Ratio: An Ecological Study,2017;8(5):277-282

Author:Monali Kar, D Shobha Malini, Jaya Singh Kshatri, Radha M Tripathy

Keywords:Maternal mortality, Maternal health services, Sustainable developmental goal, Ecological study, Ante natal check up, JSY scheme

Type:Original Article