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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Biomedical Waste Management amongst Health Care Personnel in a Medical College Hospital in Trivandrum,2016;7(6):457-460

Author:Rawat Ranu, Kumar Santosh, Leela Manju

Keywords:KAP, Biomedical Waste Management, Healthcare personnel, Health Care Waste Management

Type:Original Article

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Stunting Among Tribal Under-Five Children At South-West, Rajasthan, India,2016;7(6):461-467

Author:Arvind Kumar Sharma, Vaseem Naheed Baig, Ashish Kumar Yadav, A K Bharadwaj, Raghuveer Singh

Keywords:Stunting, risk factors, tribal community, under five children, north-west India

Type:Original Article

Awareness about Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene Practices among Adolescent Girls in Central India,2016;7(6):468-473

Author:Sanjay Dixit, Deepa Raghunath, Rahul Rokade, Syed Akbar Nawaz, Taruna Nagdeve, Ishu Goyal

Keywords:Menstrual hygiene; awareness, sanitary pad

Type:Original Article

Dysmenorrhoea and Quality of Life among Medical and Nursing Students: A Cross- Sectional Study,2016;7(6):474-479

Author:Mamta K Shewte, Manik S Sirpurkar

Keywords:Dysmenorrhoea, Bleeding, Health relate quality of life (HRQoL), SF-36

Type:Original Article

Iron Deficiency Anaemia and Its Predisposing Causes among Women Undergoing Antenatal Checkup at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Allahabad,2016;7(6):480-484

Author:Shweta Rajput, Manish Kumar Singh

Keywords:Iron Deficiency Anaemia, women, antenatal, tertiary care hospital

Type:Original Article

Influence of Maternal Anthropometric Characteristics on Birth Weight of Newborn,2016;7(6):485-489

Author:Khushboo Juneja, Najam Khalique, M Athar Ansari, Anees Ahmad, Mohd Haroon Khan, Shahin Rehman

Keywords:Birth weight, Maternal anthropometry, Newborn, Pregnancy

Type:Original Article

A Follow Up Study on Newly Detected Sputum Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis Cases on Anti-Tubercular Treatment in Bijapur Taluk,2016;7(6):490-494

Author:Mahabalesh M Angadi, Sowmya Bhat, Haridas Somayaji, Arun P Jose

Keywords:Pulmonary Tuberculosis, sputum, follow up, treatment.

Type:Original Article