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Perception related to Eye Donation in Science College Students of Himmatnagar City of Gujarat State,2019;10(7):389 - 392

Author:Bipin J Prajapati, Jaiminkumar P Patel

Keywords:Eye donation, Knowledge, Perception, Science College students

Type:Original Article

An Epidemiological Study of Sharp Injuries among Health Care Workers of Tertiary Care Hospital in Saudi Arabia,2019;10(7):393 - 397

Author:Sanjay kumar Gupta, Mohammad Jawaid Arif, Sinimol Jabar, Sunitha Lorin Mathias, Ibrahim Saifi Alharbi

Keywords:Sharp injuries, Epidemiological link, Tertiary care hospital, Health care workers

Type:Original Article

Exploring Possibilities of Public Private Partnership for Leptospirosis Control Programme in South Gujarat,2019;10(7):398 - 402

Author:Rutu S. Buch, Bansari L Chawada, Vipul P Chaudhari, J K Kosambiya

Keywords:Leptospirosis, Public Private Partnership, South Gujarat, Private Practitioners

Type:Original Article

Do Nursing Health Care Providers (Hcps) Face Difficulties in Treating the Rural Populations of South India?,2019;10(7):403 - 415

Author:Christy Vijay, Farah N Fathima

Keywords:Diabetes, Hypertension, Health care workers, Barriers, Beliefs

Type:Original Article

Study of Severe Nutritional Anemia in Children 1-5 Year of Age in a Tertiary Care Hospital,2019;10(7):416 - 419

Author:Bijal S Shah, Hiral H Shah, Apoorva B Shah, Rushika Gupta, Smit Vadodaria

Keywords:Severe anemia, morbidity,screening

Type:Original Article

Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Purification of Household Water among 210 Individuals of Urban Area of Patan District,2019;10(7):420 - 424

Author:Nitinkumar V Solanki, Jatinkumar Amaliyar

Keywords:Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Boiling, Filtration

Type:Original Article

Health Related Problems and Their Consequences Influencing Old Aged People,2019;10(7):425 - 428

Author:Kamlesh K Nigam, Anshuman Sharma

Keywords:Old age, morbidity, health, quality of life

Type:Original Article