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Barriers to Healthy Lifestyle among People with Known Diabetes and Hypertension in Selected Villages of Lakkur PHC, Kolar District,2016;7(7):577-581

Author:Neethu George, Meera George, Surekha Anpazhagan, Twinkle Agrawal, Ratnakumari, Farah N Fathima

Keywords:Adherence to treatment, barrier, healthy lifestyle, non-communicable disease

Type:Original Article

Trends of Baseline CD4 Counts at the Time of Registration of Adult Patient, Who Are Put on Ante Retroviral Therapy in India,2016;7(7):582-586

Author:Ugra Mohan Jha, Sukarma Tanwar, B.B Rewari, AS Rathore, Laxmikant Chavan, Neeraj Dhingra

Keywords:Cd4 count, adult, ART, trend, HIV, India

Type:Original Article

Effectiveness of Health Education on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Diabetes in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Bengaluru,2016;7(7):587-591

Author:Chethana Ramegowda, Lakshmi Hulugappa

Keywords:Diabetes Mellitus, Type II, Knowledge, Attitude, Education

Type:Original Article

Case Control Study: Individual and Comparative Assessment of Risk Factors as a Cause of Esophageal Cancer,2016;7(7):592-597

Author:Sapna Y Maheshram

Keywords:Risk factors, Tobacco chewing, tobacco smoking, betel nut, masheri, esophageal cancer

Type:Original Article

Geriatric concerns - Activities of daily living, nutrition, social security measures in a coastal South Indian Population,2016;7(7):598-602

Author:Chythra R Rao, George P Jacob, Sujatha Kuppusamy, Veena G Kamath, Asha Kamath

Keywords:Elderly, Activities of daily living, nutrition, social security measures

Type:Original Article

Perceived Stress Levels And its Sources Among Doctors and Nurses Working In A Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu,2016;7(7):603-608

Author:Narayanan Sathiya, Rafeeq Ruwaidha, Farooq Salma Nusrath, Farin Fathima, Thandavamoorthy Gomathy, Hegde Kumar Shailendra

Keywords:Doctors, Nurses, Stress scores, Sources of stress

Type:Original Article

Cross-Sectional Study on Mobile Phone Involvement among Medical Students of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital of Western India,2016;7(7):609-613

Author:Rupani Mihir P, Parikh Khushali D, Trivedi Atul V, Singh Manindra P, Patel Ayushi, Vadodariya Bhakti, Bhagora Bharat, Sharma Bhawana

Keywords:Mobile Phone, medical students, addiction, dependence.

Type:Original Article