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Study of Feeding Practices and Vaccination Status Effect on Growth and Illness in Children of 6months to 2years,2017;8(7):385-389

Author:Hetal D Vora, Divya V Reddy, Vaishali J Prajapati, Hardik K Chaudhari

Keywords:Exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding, vac-cination, malnutrition

Type:Original Article

A Prospective Comparative Study among Adult and Geriatric Smear Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Dehradun, Uttarakhand,2017;8(7):390-395

Author:Ajay Kumar Pandita, Dimple Raina, Dixit Sardana

Keywords:Pulmonary tuberculosis, Young adults, Elderly patients

Type:Original Article

Study of Anaemia and Its Associated Risk Factors among Pregnant Women in a Rural Field Practice Area of a Medical College,2017;8(7):396-400

Author:Nazia Aram M Khan, Venkat Ramana K Sonkar, Vijay K Domple, Ismail A Inamdar

Keywords:Anaemia in pregnancy, socioeconomic status, birth interval

Type:Original Article

Gap between Knowledge and Practice in Bio-Medical Waste Management in a Tertiary Care Centre,2017;8(7):401-405

Author:Ranjini Nanjaiah, Kusuma Maganur Lakshmana, Suresha

Keywords:Health care waste; Biomedical waste; Knowledge; Nursing staff.

Type:Original Article

Comparison of NIV and IV in Management of ARDS: A Single Center Experience,2017;8(7):406-410

Author:Sneha T Patel, Paltial N Palat

Keywords:Acute respiratory distress syndrome, Non invasive ventilation, PaO2/FiO2

Type:Original Article

Trends of Dengue Cases Reported at Tertiary Care Hospital of Metropolitan City of Maharashtra: A Record Based Study,2017;8(7):411-415

Author:Sujata S Pol, Shekhar S Rajderkar, Seema S Bansode Gokhe

Keywords:Trends of Dengue, Seasonal distribution, Seropositivity

Type:Original Article

Dhat Syndrome: Delay in Seeking Psychiatric Help, Cultural Myths and Co-Morbid Depression,2017;8(7):416-420

Author:Shakeel M Ansari, Shakila Mulla

Keywords:Dhat syndrome, Delay in Psychiatric help, Co-morbid depression, Cultural myths

Type:Original Article