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Cross Sectional Study on Knowledge and Attitude among Women in The Reproductive Age Group Towards Sex Ratio and PC& PNDT Act in Urban Field Practice Areas Of Medical College, Bengaluru,2019;10(8):456-460

Author:Lovely S Livingston, Maheswaran R, Shruthi M Shetty , Rikesh M S , Ernest D

Keywords:Sex ratio, PC&PNDT; Act

Type:Original Article

Effectiveness of Community Based Intervention on Reproductive Health Education among School Going Adolescent Girls in a Village of District in Andrapradesh,2019;10(8):461-465

Author:Aruna Devi S., Munnaji Vyankatesh Mavatkar, Usha Rani C.

Keywords:Adolescent Girls, Reproductive Health Education, in-tervention.

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Depression among the Farmers and its Determinants: A Cross Sectional Study,2019;10(8):466-469

Author:Mohamed Tanveer Ahmed, Jyothi Jadhav, Vishwanatha

Keywords:Depression, Farmers, Prevalence, Determinants

Type:Original Article

Occurrence of Intimal Thickening in Aging Ascending Aorta as A Most Initial Marker Of Atherosclerotic Changes in Cardiovascular Diseases,2019;10(8):470-473

Author:Amardeep Shivkishan Bissa, Achleshwar R Gandotra

Keywords:Atherosclerotic Changes, Intimal Thickening, Ascending Aorta, Smooth Muscle Cells, Aging.

Type:Original Article

An Epidemiological Study of Venomous Snake Bites: A Hospital Based Analysis,2019;10(8):474-478

Author:Dipak H. Vora, Jyoti H. Vora

Keywords:Snake bite, Epidemiology, Venomous, Hospital based, Analysis

Type:Original Article

Effectiveness of Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation Programme to Control Anemia among Rural Adolescent School Girls of Davangere, Karnataka,2019;10(8):479-482

Author:Navinkumar Angadi, Balu PS

Keywords:Weekly Iron and Folic acid Supplementation, Adolescent girls.

Type:Original Article

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE): Relevance and Feasibility of an Objective Way of Student’s Assessment in Community Medicine,2019;10(8):483-484

Author:Bijaya Naik, Srikanta Kanungo, Mahendra M Reddy

Keywords:OSCE, Medical curriculum, Medical undergraduates, Community medicine

Type:Letter to Editor