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Essential Medicines Falling Through the Gaps of Under-Graduate Medical Curriculum,2016;7(8):644-645

Author:Madhavi Bhargava, Akshay KM

Keywords:Essential medicine, Medical curriculum

Type:Editorial/Guest Editorial

Maternal Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices and Health Outcomes of their Preschool-Age Children in Urban and Rural Karnataka, India,2016;7(8):646-652

Author:Naveen Ramesh, Angela DL Cummings, Norbert L Wagner, Ricardo O Izurieta, Boo H Kwa

Keywords:Maternal knowledge, attitude, prac-tice; child health, preschool, evalua-tion

Type:Original Article

Stress Factors and Way of Coping amongst the Students of Medical College,2016;7(8):653-656

Author:Harishchandra D Gore, Ashok D Shelke, Abhay B Mane, Kartiki R Nanaware , Sachin A Gawade, Kevin Fernandez

Keywords:Stress factors, Medical Student, Way of coping

Type:Original Article

A Study of Gene Xpert in Screening of Sputum in HIV Positive Patients Presenting to Tertiary Care Centre,2016;7(8):657-660

Author:Deepak Bansal, Sanjay Avashia, Mitesh Karothiya

Keywords:Tuberculosis, MDR Tuberculosis, HIV, Gene Xpert

Type:Original Article

“Analyze locally & Act locally”- Geographical Prioritization of Districts/Blocks & strategic approach using HIV Data Triangulation in Gujarat, India,2016;7(8):661-666

Author:Chavan Laxmikant, Abhijit Pakhare, Praveen Gupta, Lincoln Choudhury

Keywords:"Triangulation, HIV epidemic, Pre-vention, MARP Size Estimate "

Type:Original Article

Impact of Menstrual Practices on the Health of Adolescent Girls and the Challenges Faced in Menstrual Hygiene Management at Schools,2016;7(8):667-671

Author:Pratibha S, Ayesha S Nawaz, Aswin Kumar

Keywords:Adolescents, menstrual hygiene, school, challenges

Type:Original Article

Preventable Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases in Urban Slum of Mumbai: A Prevalence Study using WHO STEPS Approach,2016;7(8):672-676

Author:Kalpak S Kadarkar, Gajanan D Velhal, Shraddha R Tiwari

Keywords:Smokeless tobacco, Raised blood pressure, Obesity, Fruits and vege-tables, Cross-sectional study.

Type:Original Article