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Transfusion Transmitted Infections among Voluntary Blood Donors of South Gujarat, India: A Secondary Data Analysis,2016;7(8):677-680

Author:Ankita Shah, Paras Udhreja, Abhay Kavishvar, MohamedAnas Patni

Keywords:Voluntary blood donors, Transfu-sion transmitted infections (TTIs), Case control study, Screening test

Type:Original Article

Menstrual Hygiene Practices among Adolescent Girls Residing in Tribal and Social Welfare Hostel in Andhra Pradesh: A Community Based Study,2016;7(8):681-685

Author:Sharvanan E Udayar, Kruthika K, Prasad V Devi

Keywords:"Adolescents, Menstruation, Sani-tary pad, Health education "

Type:Original Article

Bio-Medical Waste Management: Effect of Educational Intervention among Health Care Workers in Bangalore City Hospitals,2016;7(8):686-689

Author:Md Mustafa Ahmed, Vikas Jaiswal, Pradeep C, Manasa RV

Keywords:Biomedical Waste Management, knowledge attitude and practice, health care waste management

Type:Original Article

A Study on Obesity among Faculties of A Medical College in Ahmedabad,2016;7(8):690-694

Author:Sheetal Vyas, Rachna Kapoor, Mitali Solanki, Parsotam Algotar, Suraj Ambre, Jayesh Bagada

Keywords:Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Diet, Obesity, Physical Activity, Prevalence, Stress, Waist Circum-ference

Type:Original Article

Challenges to Harness India’s Demographic Dividend: Are We on the Right Track? - A Cross Sectional Study in South India,2016;7(8):695-699

Author:Chalageri H Vani, Sobagaiah T Ranganath, Bhat Shobha, Sreenivas Sri Navya

Keywords:demographic dividend, vocational education, risk factors, mental health

Type:Original Article

Comparative Study of Blood Pressure Measurement by Aneroid and Digital Manual Sphygmomanometer,2016;7(8):700-702

Author:Khyati M Kakkad, Panchshila Damor, Bharat Parmar, Snehal Patel, Vaishali Prajapati, Nirali Dhivar

Keywords:"aneroid sphygmomanometer, digi-tal manual sphygmomanometer, blood pressure. "

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease and Its Association with Various Risk Factors in Rural Area of Nagpur,2016;7(8):703-707

Author:Umesh Sinha, Sumit Dutt Bhardwaj

Keywords:Alcohol, CAD, CHD, Hypertension, Obesity, Smoking

Type:Original Article