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Inequities in the Utilization of Obstetric Care Services Among Women in Urban Slums – A Cross-Sectional Study from Central Karnataka, India,2018;9(8):551-556

Author:Shubha B Davalagi, Rashmi Revanna, Nagarajachar Agadi

Keywords:Inequity; Obstetric care; urban slums; Karnataka

Type:Original Article

Pattern of Tobacco Consumption and Participants Perception in Relation to Anti-Tobacco Policies among Undergraduate Students in Mangalore,2018;9(8):557-560

Author:Vinayak J Kempaller, K G Kiran, Sanjeev Badiger, Shruthi M Shetty, Usha Rani S P

Keywords:Tobacco, MPOWER, Students, Perceptions

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Immunization of Under Five Children of Tribal and Non-Tribal Rural Communities in Southern Rajasthan,2018;9(8):561-565

Author:Dilip Kumar L, Krishan Kumar Sharma, K A Varghese

Keywords:Tribal, Non-tribal, Children and Immunization

Type:Original Article

Study of Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Undergraduate Medical Students of A Teaching Medical Institution,2018;9(8):566-569

Author:Subita P Patil, Snehashree Sadhanala, Seema S BansodeGokhe

Keywords:Medical students, DASS 21

Type:Original Article

Epidemiology of Laboratory Confirmed Measles and Rubella Outbreaks in Rajasthan,2018;9(8):570-573

Author:Pooja Choudhary, Sushil Kumar Singh, Manoj Verma, Sunil Kumar

Keywords:Measles, Rubella, Surveillance, Epidemiology

Type:Original Article

Women Empowerment in India – A Perspective,2018;9(8):574-579

Author:Ankita Dey, Kunal K Majumdar, Arun Kumar Chakraborty, Asok Kumar Mandal

Keywords:Women Empowerment, NFHS-4, sustainable development goals, aggregative index, factor analysis, correlation analysis

Type:Original Article

Awareness Regarding Obesity and Healthy Lifestyle Practices among College Students in Mandya,2018;9(8):580-584

Author:Mythily MR, Vinay M, Harish BR

Keywords:Awareness, obesity, healthy lifestyle practices, college students.

Type:Original Article