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Perception towards Mental Illness in Southern Tamil Nadu-A Cross Sectional Study,2019;10(9):485 - 490

Author:Krishnaleela G, Siva P M, Christina Mary Jose, Deepak Kabilan, Chitra P, Dharsini G V, Dhivyabharathi S B

Keywords:Psychiatric disorders, Perception, Tamil Nadu, BMI scale

Type:Original Article

Comparison of Treatment Outcomes among Tuberculosis Pa-tients with HIV and Without HIV Infection in a Metropolitan City,2019;10(9):491 - 496

Author:Madhavi Kamble, Yasmeen K. Kazi

Keywords:Tuberculosis, DOTS therapy, HIV infection, treatment outcome. "

Type:Original Article

A Cross Sectional Study on Domestic Violence Following Alcohol Consumption against Women Residing in Rural Area of Tamil Nadu,2019;10(9):497 - 501

Author:Hanitha Rajasekar, Venmathi Elangovan

Keywords:Domestic violence, cycle of abuse

Type:Original Article

Cross Sectional Study to Inquire Hepatitis B Immunization Status and in Immunized Individuals Knowledge About Post Vaccination Serological Titer Status among Nursing Staff and Lab Technicians in a Teaching Hospital of Ujjain,2019;10(9):502 - 506

Author:Rashmi Bhujade, Pawan Pathak, Tarique Ibrahim, Konika Jain

Keywords:Hepatitis B immuniza-tion status, health care personals, post vaccination anti HBs titer. "

Type:Original Article

Client Satisfaction Survey - Gateway of Quality Care: Mixed Type Study from a Tertiary Care Centre of Ahmedabad, Gujarat,2019;10(9):507 - 513

Author:Rashmi Sanjay Sharma, Gneyaa Shirish Bhatt, Bharat H Patel

Keywords:client satisfaction sur-vey, FGD, quality of health care "

Type:Original Article

Process Monitoring of Village Health and Nutrition Days (Mamta Days) In Navsari District, Gujarat, India,2019;10(9):514 - 518

Author:Bharatkumar H. Patel, Dr.Monark Jitendra Vyas

Keywords:Monitoring, Process, Availability, Village Health and Nu-trition Day

Type:Original Article

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes and Effectiveness of Health Education in Reducing Blood Sugars among Diabetics in Coastal Karnataka-An Intervention Study,2019;10(9):519 - 525

Author:Usha Rani S Padmanabha, Rashmi Kundapur, Udayakiran Nalam, Sanjeev Badiger

Keywords:Health education, inter-vention, prevalence, risk factors, type 2 diabetes

Type:Original Article