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Current Issue(2018)

Do Mothers from Urban Area Optimally Breastfeed Their Babies as Compared to Mothers in Village? - A Cross-Sectional Community Survey in Vadodara District,2018;9(10):778-782

Author:Manish M Kathad, Divyangkumar N Patel, Shiv Patel, Simoni Sarodia, Krupali Savaliya, Heli Shah, Kunal Shah

Keywords:Breast feeding, knowledge, newborn, EBF

Type:Original Article

Study of Morbidity Pattern, Activities of Daily Living and Health Seeking Behavior among Rural Elderly in Jammu District,2018;9(10):783-786

Author:Kiran Bala, Bhavna Sahni, Tejinder Kumar, Rimpi Sangral

Keywords:Morbidity pattern, health seeking behavior, elderly, geriatric

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) among Adults Aged 30 Years and Above in a Rural Population of Jammu- An Observational Study,2018;9(11):787-793

Author:Anuj Kapoor, Shoket Chowdary, Deepika Dewan, Ghanshyam Dev, Rashmi Kumari, Dinesh Kumar

Keywords:Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), Prevalence, Risk factors, Rural area

Type:Original Article

The Impact of Diabetic Foot Ulcer on Health Related Quality Of Life and Employment among Diabetics Attending Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital, Davangere,2018;9(11):794-797

Author:Lekha Tejaswi Y, Navinkumar Angadi

Keywords:Health related quality life, Diabetic foot ulcer, employment status

Type:Original Article

Study of Perinatal & Environmental Factors Associated With Anemia in Preschool Children in Rural Field Practice Area of Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra,2018;9(11):798-802

Author:Janardhan R Bandi, Sanket A Bari

Keywords:Anemia, Preschool children, Perinatal factors, Environmental factors

Type:Original Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Family Planning Among the Currently Married Men in a Rural Area of Jhalawar District, Rajasthan,2018;9(11):803-808

Author:Vinod Kumar, Arvind Kumar Nagar, Vandana Meena, Mayank Jain, Deepak Kumar Dubey, Uma Shankar Shukla

Keywords:Married men, Family Planning, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice

Type:Original Article

A Study of Newly Detected Diabetes Mellitus Patients among Population of Rural Field Practice Area of A Tertiary Care Centre In Maharashtra,2018;9(11):809-812

Author:Shekhar S Rajderkar, Vikas D Kshirsagar

Keywords:Diabetes, Rural field practice area

Type:Original Article