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Current Issue(2017)

Study of Changing Trend in the Clinical Distribution of Candida Species in Various Clinical Samples at Tertiary Care Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,2017;8(3):109-111

Author:Hetal Sida, Jayshri Pethani, Parevee Dalal, Hiral Shah

Keywords:Candida infection,, Candida species, chrom agar

Type:Original Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices amongst Paramedical Staff on Needle Stick Injuries in a Tertiary Level Health Care Facility in Southern Rajasthan,2017;8(3):112-115

Author:Manoj Dudi, Manish Jain, Rupa Sharma, Shalabh Sharma

Keywords:Needle stick injury, Paramedical Staff, Knowledge, Attitude

Type:Original Article

Validity and Reliability of Marathi Version of Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale as a Screening Tool for Post Natal Depression,2017;8(3):116-121

Author:Meenakshi Khapre, Nikhil Dhande, Abhay Mudeyq

Keywords:postnatal depression, EPDS, validity, reliability

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Community Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Malaria in Rural Area of Central India,2017;8(3):122-126

Author:Avinash Borkar, Namita Deshmukh

Keywords:Malaria, knowledge, attitude, practice

Type:Original Article

Post Cataract Surgical Follow-Ups: Need to Revisit to Existing Guidelines,2017;8(3):127-130

Author:Shivani Acharya, Minal Patel, Deepika Singhal, Amee Tank, Yesha Thakkar

Keywords:Blindness, cataract, post cataract follow up, non-compliance

Type:Original Article

Outcome of Acute Viral Hepatitis in Children admitted in Tertiary Care Hospital of Ahmedabad, Gujarat,2017;8(3):131-134

Author:Ekta A Dalal, Gaurav Vishal, Jeegar M shah

Keywords:Viral Hepatitis, Fulminant Hepatic Failure, outcome

Type:Original Article

Why Do They Select Medical Profession? - A Study of Students’ Perceptions,2017;8(3):135-138

Author:Aparajita Shukla, Jay K Sheth, Kirti Patel

Keywords:Medical profession, students' perception, Reasons for joining

Type:Original Article