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Current Issue(2017)

Why Do They Select Medical Profession? - A Study of Students’ Perceptions,2017;8(3):135-138

Author:Aparajita Shukla, Jay K Sheth, Kirti Patel

Keywords:Medical profession, students' perception, Reasons for joining

Type:Original Article

Domestic Violence among Ever Married Women of Reproductive Age Group in a Rural Area of Karnataka: A Cross Sectional Study,2017;8(3):139-142

Author:Radha Ramaiah, Srividya Jayarama

Keywords:Domestic violence, ever married women, reproductive age group

Type:Original Article

Violence & Vulnerability: A Cross Sectional Study of Prevalence and Factors Associated with Sex-work Related Violence among Female Sex Workers,2017;8(3):143-147

Author:"Sweta R Panchal, J K Kosambiya, Deepak B Saxena, Bharat H Patel, Rahul Mhaskar, Ambuj Kumar"

Keywords:HIV, Female Sex Worker, Domestic Violence, Sex work based Violence, violence against women

Type:Original Article

Discriminant Analysis of Rheumatoid Factor, Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide, and C-Reactive Protein for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients,2017;8(3):148-152

Author:Ausaf Ahmad, T.B. Singh, Usha, Navin Kumar

Keywords:Rheumatoid arthritis, discriminant analysis, Cross-sectional, classification

Type:Original Article

A Core System of Local Governance into Public Health: An In-Depth Assessment of Rogi Kalyan Samitis of Health Facilities in Gujarat,2017;8(3):153-157

Author:Kiran M Narkhede, Harsh D Shah, Priyank A Parmar, Randhir R Patel, Tejas N Vyas, Paresh V Dave

Keywords:Local Governance, Rogi Kalyan Samitis, National Health Mission, decentralization

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Mother’s Knowledge and Practices Regarding Adverse Events Following Immunization of Their Children in a Rural Area of Tripura,2017;8(4):159-163

Author:Anjan Datta, Subrata Baidya, Shampa Das, Chanda Mog, Srabani Datta

Keywords:AEFI, knowledge, mothers, rural, Tripura

Type:Original Article

Knowledge and Practice Regarding Prevention and Management of Rabies among Allopathic and Ayush Private Practitioners in Urban Maharashtra: A Comparison Study,2017;8(4):164-168

Author:Shubhalaxmi D Kotnis, Sangita C. Deshmukh

Keywords:Rabies, Post exposure prophylaxis, AYUSH

Type:Original Article