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A Cross-Sectional Study of the Morbidity Profile of Matriarch and Non-Matriarch Women in Metropolitan City,2018;9(8):618-625

Author:Roopali Deoram Bhujbal , Gajanan D Velhal, Rupali V Sabale

Keywords:Matriarch women, morbidity, stress, non-matriarch women

Type:Original Article

Stress and Its Consequence on Medical Students: A Cross Sectional Study at Medical College in Western India,2018;9(8):626-631

Author:Shreyash Mehta, Niraj Bharadva, Pravin Yerpude, Keerti Jogdand

Keywords:Stress, Medical student, Bhuj

Type:Original Article

Most Frequent Physical Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome among Reproductive Age Group Women in Rural Area,2018;9(8):632-636

Author:Lakshmi D, John William A Felix, Jayasree TM

Keywords:Premenstrual syndrome, frequent, reproductive age group

Type:Original Article

Japanese Encephalitis (JE): Population at Risk and Strategies to Control in India,2018;9(8):637-640

Author:Sourabh Saxena, Priti Chaudhary, Ashish Chauhan

Keywords:Japanese Encephalitis, Vaccination, Immunization

Type:Short Communication

Summary of 2nd National Workshop on R for Basic Biostatistics at AIIMS, Bhubaneswar,2018;9(8):641-642

Author:Vikram Kumar Gupta, Priya Bansal

Keywords:Basic Biostatistics

Type:Editorial/Guest Editorial