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Perception On Community Oriented Learning among Medical Students In a Medical College in Bangalore,2018;9(8):585-588

Author:Ramya M Manchegowda, Ashwath Narayana D H

Keywords:Curriculum, Medical students, Primary care physicians, Perception

Type:Original Article

360-Degree Evaluation of a Primary Healthcare Centre Village Stay Programme for Medical Undergraduates,2018;9(8):589-593

Author:Dinesh Kumar, Uday S Singh, Tushar Patel, Manisha Gohel

Keywords:360? evaluation, Community Based Learning, Community Medicine Training, Primary Health Centre, Undergraduate Medical education

Type:Original Article

A Study on Epidemiological Profile of Urinary Tract Infections in Perspective of Diabetic Status among Patients Attending Tertiary Care Hospital, Ahmedabad,2018;9(8):594-598

Author:Viral R Dave, Venu R Shah, K N Sonaliya, Shruti D Shah, Aniruddha R Gohel

Keywords:Epidemiological Profile, Diabetes, Urinary Tract Infection

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Nutritional Status among Under Five Children in a Rural Area of Kalaburagi District,2018;9(8):599-604

Author:Basavakumar S Anandi, Shrinivas B Reddy, Amruta S Indupalli

Keywords:Under-nutrition, Wasting, Stunting, Malnutrition, under-five children

Type:Original Article

Awareness Regarding Tobacco Consumption in Any Form and Its Ill Effects on Health in a Rural Community in Mandya District, Karnataka,2018;9(8):605-609

Author:Shashikantha SK, Drishya Jagadeesh

Keywords:Tobacco, Cessation, Health warning, De-addiction programme

Type:Original Article

Age and Opportunistic Infections: Prevalence and Predictors among Older People Living With HIV,2018;9(8):610-613

Author:Shivangi A Inamdar, J K Kosambiya, Anjali Modi, Alpesh Gohil, Alap Mehta, Tinkal Patel

Keywords:HIV, Opportunistic Infection, Older PLHIV, WHO stage

Type:Original Article

Awareness Levels of School Teachers Regarding Healthy Vision and Eye Screening in Dist Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P.,2018;9(8):614-617

Author:Deepika Agrawal, Neha Tyagi, Seetha Ramaiah Nagesh

Keywords:school teachers, school health program, screening, refractive errors, knowledge

Type:Original Article