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Empowerment and Reproductive Women: An Exploratory Research,2018;9(7):501-506

Author:Pradeep S Tarikere, Vidya GS, Krishnaveni Y S

Keywords:Women empowerment, Egalitarian, Decision making

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Risk of Type 2 Diabetes using Indian Diabetes Risk Score – Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study in Urban Mysuru,2018;9(7):507-511

Author:Amrutha Angadi, Mansoor Ahmed, Vadiraja Nagarajarao

Keywords:IDRS; Risk for diabetes; Socio-demographic factors

Type:Original Article

A Study to Identify Factors Responsible For Low Immunization Coverage in a High Priority District of Madhya Pradesh,2018;9(7):512-518

Author:Ramniwas Mahore, Anil Kumar Agarwal, Vishal Jamra, Rakesh Kumar Mahore

Keywords:Immunization status, 12-23 months’ children, Socio-demographic variables, WHO-30 Cluster sampling

Type:Original Article

Utilization and Uptake of Health Care Facilities by HIV Positive Antenatal Women Registered at PPTCT Centres of Surat City,2018;9(7):519-523

Author:Grishma D Chauhan, Rachana Prasad

Keywords:HIV positive, Antenatal Women, Utilization, PPTCT services

Type:Original Article

Contraceptive Practices among the Eligible Couples from a Rural and an Urban Area of Karnataka,2018;9(7):524-528

Author:Niranjan V Gummaraj, Margaret Menzil, Bhaskar Kurre, Deepa LN, Anand D Meundi

Keywords:Eligible couples, contraceptive usage, couple protection rate

Type:Original Article

Out of Pocket Expenditure on Health Care among the Households of Urban Area in Dakshina Kannada,2018;9(7):529-533

Author:Preeti Tiwari, Arijit Datta

Keywords:Out of pocket expenditure, OOP urban area, health expenditure

Type:Original Article

Institutional Delivery Trend in Assam- Metadata Analysis of Large Scale Health Surveys in India,2018;9(7):534-540

Author:Ajit Kumar Dey

Keywords:Institutional delivery, Assam, Annual Health Survey, NFHS

Type:Original Article