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ICD 10 Classification of Non-Fatal Road Traffic Accident Cases Admitted in Tertiary Care Hospital in Central India,2019;10(6):357-360

Author:Yogesh Balaso Patil, Dadasaheb Dhage, Mohan Khamgaonkar

Keywords:Road traffic accidents, ICD 10, Pedestrian

Type:Original Article

A Community Based Study on Assessment of Diabetes Risk Using Indian Diabetic Risk Score,2019;10(6):361-364

Author:Shwetha, K N Prasad

Keywords:IDRS, Diabetes mellitus, diabetes risk

Type:Original Article

Nutritional Status and dietary Pattern of Adolescent Girls: A Study From Urban Slums Of Agra,2019;10(6):365-369

Author:Sarvesh Kumar, Neha Mishra

Keywords:Health, Adolescent girls, dietary habits, nutritional status

Type:Original Article

An Assessment and Correlation of Physical Activity and Mental Health Status of Medical Students,2019;10(6):370-374

Author:Huma Khan, Shashi Saxena, Ujjwal Khullar, Saurabh Mishra

Keywords:Physical activity, mental health status, medical students, MET Score

Type:Original Article

Comparative study of Smartphone Addiction among Arts and Medical College Students of Port Blair,2019;10(6):375-379

Author:Shivani Rao, Ajay Raj Sethuraman, Pandurang Thatkar

Keywords:Smartphones, College students, addiction, Port Blair

Type:Original Article

Prevailing IYCF Practices Among Under Five Years Children and Its Association with Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in Surendranagar District,2019;10(6):380-384

Author:Mitali G Patel, Darshankumar K Mahyavanshi, Shashwat S Nagar, Sunita S Nagar

Keywords:IYCF practices, ARI, Nutritional status, Under 5 years.

Type:Original Article

Dating Patterns of Young Adults during Navratri Festival of India in the City of Surat,2019;10(6):385-387

Author:Keshvi Chauhan, R K Bansal

Keywords:Dating, Navratri, STD, HIV, Contraception

Type:Original Article