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Percentage Body Weight Gain During Tuberculosis Treatment: Can It Be a Useful Tool to Predict the Outcome?,2018;9(5):363-367

Author:Srikanta Kanungo, Jafar Ali Abedi, Mohammad Athar Ansari, Zulfia Khan

Keywords:Body weight gain, tuberculosis, treatment outcome, prediction

Type:Original Article

TracingCommoner Health Problems among Tribal School Children of the Dang District of Gujarat,2018;9(5):368-371

Author:Jatin Chhaya, Hitesh Bhabhor, Shailee Vyas, Mohua Moitra, Jayesh K Kosambiya

Keywords:Health camp, Health education, Morbidity profile, Tribal children

Type:Original Article

Needs of People Requiring Palliative Care in an Urban Area of Pondicherry, South India: An Exploratory Study,2018;9(5):372-379

Author:Praveena Daya A, Sonali Sarkar, Sitanshu Sekhar Kar

Keywords:Palliative care, urban, patients, Physical problems, Psychological problems

Type:Original Article

A Death Audit of H1N1 Influenza Cases in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern Rajasthan (Current Out Break - 2017),2018;9(5):380-384

Author:Ashish Jain, Rupa Sharma, Mukesh Kumar Nagar, Pratap Bhan KaushikAshish Jain, Rupa Sharma, Mukesh Kumar Nagar, Pratap Bhan Kaushik

Keywords:Death audit, Outbreak, H1N1 Positive Deaths, Oseltamivir , Co morbidities

Type:Original Article